When safety counts! Your leading partner in critical applications for over 50 years!

Who We Are

We are the specialists for corrosion-resistant magnetic drive and mechanical seal pumps. Our pumps are used to transport highly aggressive or toxic substances all over the world. Thanks to a fluoropolymer lining with universal corrosion resistance, there’s no more need for the time-consuming and risky selection of special extra-protective materials.

Our valves for shut-off, control and safety functions satisfy the highest standards and requirements for corrosive, hazardous, contaminated, pure and ultrapure matter. Our many years of experience in development and operation have helped us maintain a leading position in the field, especially when it comes to your application.

What We Do

We develop products for a wide range of industry branches. Our customers mainly come from the process industry with focus on basic chemistry, fine and special chemistry and the pharmaceutical industry. Then there are those in the food, mining, semiconductor and paper industries. Our customers operate all over the world; in North America, the Middle East, China and India. Over the last 50 years we have installed tens of thousands of pumps, and several hundred thousand valves.

Richter Process Pumps and Valves is a subsidiary of the IDEX Corporation.

Where to Buy

Find the Richter Contact nearest to you for purchasing, service and accessories to maximize your benefit from Richter pumps and valves.