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Corporate Responsibility

At Richter Chemie-Technik GmbH, corporate responsibility is a corner stone of the overall strategy. As a supplier of critical products for fortune 500 companies, this obligation underscores the services we offer, the suppliers we engage with and the way we interact with and invest in our community.

Our corporate responsibility can be best described through four pillars we use to guide our actions

  • People
  • Ethics & Integrity
  • Community
  • Environment.

These pillars combined create value for our partners, employees, communities, and the markets we serve. While we highlight these four pillars our corporate responsibility reaches further and touches many more topics in line with the IDEX policy.



Our People

  • We feel that the people part in the equation is critical to success. Richter is committed to support its people to live well and achieve their personal goals. That starts with a safe workplace through training, prevention and awareness programs. The diverse perspectives and talents make both our company and our communities the best they can be. We support health, well-being and make sure our people have a say in the overall direction of our journey through processes, programs and open communication. We invest continuously in our people and in career progression of talented team members to develop future leaders.

Ethics & Integrity

  • We act with integrity to uphold the highest professional standards. It underlies principles of the IDEX code of conduct and forms the core of our corporate responsibility platform. Our commitment to integrity extends through our values: Trust, Team and Excellence. These are the basis of our relationship with our colleagues, customers and suppliers alike. The IDEX Ethics and Compliance Program supports our ethics commitment which strives to prevent, detect and report completely anonymously violations and promote our ethical culture.

Our Community

  • Regardless of the size of the company, we believe that it is important to have a profound relationship with the communities where we live and work. With initiatives like volunteering, philanthropy and other initiatives like the IDEX Foundation, we believe to create a shared value and sustain our communities. Richter’s partnership with schools and universities emphasizes our commitment to allow young scholars get practical experience through internships. We believe that a good relationship with the local community will attract young talents.    

Our World

  • The world’s population topped 7 billion and is growing steadily; we will need to share the Earth’s scarce resources and be more efficient. The focus at Richter is on the long term impact of our decisions. Richter’s products play a crucial role in preventing hazardous fluids to leak to the environment at our customer’s site. Designing the highest quality products for critical environments is embedded in the genes of our company. 


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