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The biggest Richter pump - MNK 200-150-315

Powerful 600 m³/h chemical magnetic drive pump MNK for large-scale basic chemicals plants

This large chemical pump is manufactured as a single-stage, sealless chemical centrifugal pump of heavy-duty, horizontal design according to EN 22858/ISO 2858/ISO 5199. The pump is rated for operating pressures of up to PN 25 and operating temperatures of between –60° and +150°C.

The closed PFA impeller with hydraulically optimised vane channels contributes to the high efficiency and the extremely low NPSHr value. The PTFE housing lining (optionally: PE-UHMW) has a wall thickness of up to 20 mm. A full-surface shell of ductile cast iron EN-JS 1049 (ASTM A 395) absorbs the system pressure; expansion joints are not required. A housing drain is provided as a standard feature, a heating jacket is available as an optional extra. The particularly rugged SSiC plain bearing SAFEGLIDE® PLUS prevents damage during brief dry-running.

The MNK is used for media which corrosively attack stainless steel, special cast iron and conventional plastics. It is an alternative to pumps made of expensive, exotic metals (Hastelloy, monel, nickel, tantalum etc.) with long delivery periods.

The MNK was already the most powerful PFA/PTFE-lined magnetic drive pump available on the market with flow rates of up to Q=300 m³/h and magnetic drives of up to 90 kW (2,900 rpm). The pump size now available, 200-150-315, conveys up to 600 m³/h at 2,000 rpm and at a delivery head of up to 75 m.

This magnetic drive pump is therefore entering a performance dimension previously unavailable, opening up new fields of application, above all in the large-scale, single-line or multi-line plants in the basic chemicals industry ("world-scale plants").

The high-performance MNK 200-150-315 is certified for a number of processes, e.g. for chlorine-alkali electrolysis (anolyte and catholyte sector, precipitation brine, clear brine, bleaching solution), and for the production and processing of sulphuric acid. Other possible applications include, for example, MDI and TDI production, recycling plants (e.g. for NaOCl and Br recovery) or the production of plastics and special fibres.

Well-known plant builders prefer PFA/PTFE-lined pumps for the entire chlorine-alkali electrolysis sector for reasons of cost and delivery times. This is also due to the fact that any discharge of metal ions into the fluid must be stringently prevented especially in catholyte pumps, otherwise irreversible damage to the cells is possible.

More than ten MNK 200-150-315 pumps were delivered to international chemical companies in a short time – with flow rates of up to 400 m³/h for conveying HCl and H2SO4 for example, at temperatures of up to more than 150°C. Richter has designed the pump to be maintenance-friendly. It has a double "back pull-out" design with a separate rolling bearing pedestal as well as integrated assembly and dismantling aids.