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Pump condition monitoring system SAFERUN®

MNK with/mit SAFERUN®
Pump condition monitoring system SAFERUN® for magnetic drive pumps MNK

The reliability of a pump is crucial for the operating safety of a production plant. From the user's point of view, the best pump is therefore naturally the one which can basically be ignored because it performs its work perfectly.

However, there are applications where operating conditions arise which may be critical for the function and service life of the pump. Worth mentioning are inadequate lubrication or even dry running, too low or too high flow rates, overloading (coupling stoppage) or transient operation (sudden changes in the operating design point).

Here, the pump condition monitoring system SAFERUN, which Richter Chemie-Technik will in future be integrating into its MNK magnetic drive pumps, can be put to optimum use. The system detects changes in the operating condition; an alarm is emitted if these changes have an impact on the admissible operating range of the pump. In this way, the operator is in a position to always operate the pump in the admissible range and therefore safely.

How does the system work? SAFERUN continuously records the torque on the magnetic drive of the pump and compares the actual value with reference values. Higher or lower values are indicated by coloured LEDs in the housing cover. SAFERUN stores all results in a memory; the operator can read out the data via the radio interface using an (optional) handheld unit equipped for this purpose.

Additional information can be passed on to a master control system via the HART protocol integrated into the system.

The SAFERUN consists of two modules:

  • the SAFERUN can system
  • the SAFERUN transformer

The can system consists of a coil and a temperature sensor, both of which are arranged between the can and the can unit. The SAFERUN transformer is mounted on a lantern. Both models are connected by the sensor cable (detachable). The data are recorded contactless and without direct contact with the medium. The operator learns without any delay, either by means of the local LED display directly on the pump or by remote monitoring, whether a condition critical for the service life of the pump exists. All reports relate directly to the pump and therefore no interpretations are required. Operation is intuitively comprehensible, expensive training of the employees is unnecessary.

All the information and statements on speed, torque and temperature will be stored in a 'data logger' and can retrieved at any time.