KNR 200 Largest PFA Lined Control Ball Valve in the World

KNR 200
Richter launches the largest PFA lined control ball‐valve in the world

Richter Chemie‐Technik GmbH, a leader in PFA lined pump and valve solutions, is introducing a new size control ball for its KNR and KNAR control ball valve series.

Increasing production quantities increasingly require larger diameters of pipelines and thus also larger valves. In today’s world‐scale plants everything is optimized to the maximum possible capacity for the best economic results. Richter anticipated to these changing requirements with the launch of the world's largest PFA‐lined control ball for the KNR/F DN200 and KNAR/F 8” valves. The optimization of flow behavior supported by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics ) has allowed us to ensure a stable maximal flow with minimal pressure losses. The geometric shape ensures low turbulence throughout the flow range. The control characteristics and true equal percentage curve is valid at various flow rates up to a kv value of 1000 m3/h (CV = 1156 gpm).

Richter’s gastight KNR/F 200 excels in:

  • Universal chemical resistant PFA lining ≥ 6 mm thickness
  • Permeation and vacuum resistant construction
  • Higher efficiency due to better control behavior; especially in the lower range
  • Lower operating costs by increased capacity ‐ kv = 1000 m3/h (CV = 1156 gpm)

Richter’s proven KNR design with play‐free one‐piece ball shaft, leak‐free labyrinth seal and the maintenance-free ENVIPACK stem sealing ensures a long lifetime and maximum safety.


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