Richter presented at Pumpen Forum Würzburg

Richter presented at Pumpenforum Würzburg 2015

Monitoring of Centrifugal Pumps


Centrifugal pumps are used in various applications to transfer fluids. A safe operation of the centrifugal pump guarantees high system availability for the operator and thus a high efficiency for its production. Any disturbances that lead to failure of the pump should be avoided or detected timely. In the planning phase influences of the medium, pumping tasks, plant and the operating errors are analyzed and evaluated. In operation, unauthorized operations can be monitored if necessary. Depending on the impact of a failure as well as specific transferring difficulties, different technologies are used. In the presentation, various interferences with the corresponding effects within the centrifugal pump will be explained. The advantages and disadvantages of monitoring are discussed with respect to interference. Manufacturer independent as well as manufacturer specific monitoring devices will be discussed. The application examples are related to continuous as well as batch operation of the chemical industry.


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