Richter Donates to Bunter Kreis e.V

Richter donates to Bunter Kreis e.V.

In June, Richter presented a $5,000 check to Bunter Kreis e.V., a nonprofit organization supporting families with pretermature, terminally ill and disabled children in Germany’s Niederrhein and Western Ruhrgebiet regions.

Bunter Kreis e.V. supports about 150 patients and their families every year and is dependent on donations. Richter was able to support the organization in part through the IDEX Foundation. Last December Richter colleagues volunteered to assist with the organization’s Christmas party for the children and their families. The children in attendance were offered various entertainment varying from painting, creating own decoration, etc.

“We are honored to be able to contribute to some joy and happiness in the tough lives of these children,” said Sarah Krause.





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