Made For Extremes

Our valves and pumps are a reliable benchmark wherever highly sensitive fluids are processed in industry. When transporting extremely corrosive and environmentally harmful liquids, RICHTER products deliver the highest level of safety, durability and performance. They ensure that ultrapure fluids can be precisely controlled in the pharmaceutical and food industries. We were pioneers in the development of PFA-lined pumps and valves and have remained the leader in this sector to this day. 

All RICHTER products have been developed in Germany since the company was founded back in 1957. We produce customized solutions of the very highest quality using our decades of experience, in-depth specialist expertise, our own research department and the latest production processes.

Reliable In Practice

Components supplied by RICHTER guarantee reliable and safe operation in many thousands of plants owned by more than 500 customers in the basic, special and fine chemicals sectors, as well as in the mining, semiconductor and paper industries. More than 50 distribution partners supply products and provide support to our customers around the world. 

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Keep on flowing

KEEP ON FLOWING – this is the overarching objective that we aim to achieve with our continuous development work and uncompromising focus on quality so that our customers can achieve their company goals as efficiently and safely as possible. Our quality assurance measures cover the purchasing of the raw materials through to the shipment of the finished products. Inspections carried out by independent institutions, as well as numerous certifications and awards, underline the quality and reliability offered by RICHTER. You can find all of the important certifications in our download section. 


A Strong Family

45 specialist companies embody the potential of the IDEX CORPORATION. RICHTER has been part of this group of companies since 2008. IDEX companies develop, design and manufacture fluidic systems and specialized technical products for numerous key industries. All areas of expertise in the IDEX family benefit from this broad level of know-how. 7,000 colleagues in more than 20 companies are the engine behind our success and together we generate an annual turnover of more than 2 billion US dollars. Aside from achieving commercial success, our common goal is to create trusted solutions that improve people’s lives.

A Clear Commitment

We strive every day to develop first-class technical solutions that earn the satisfaction and trust of our customers due to their outstanding level of performance. We are convinced that this is only possible when we work together in a respectful and motivational way. This is why integrity is extremely important to us. Sincerity, honesty, fairness and openness are values that define our corporate philosophy. We continue to enhance our innovative capabilities because we want to promote the personal development of everyone and support them in the best way possible.

A Special Responsibility

Our products are designed for critical and highly sensitive areas of production. The quality of these products has a direct influence on the health and lives of those people who work with them and also on the environment. We are well aware of this responsibility to partners, employees, suppliers and regions. It shapes and determines the way in which we interact and invest. It is also the decisive factor in the overarching IDEX corporate strategy and has an influence on four key areas:  

  • People 
  • Region 


We are convinced that people are crucially important to our company. Richter is committed to providing a good working atmosphere and supports its employees to achieve their own personal goals. Workplaces are made safer using training, accident prevention and awareness programs. We understand that different perspectives and talents make our team richer. This is why we create an environment in which these things are able to develop. Open lines of communication, management processes and programs are used to constantly promote employee participation and the positive, professional development of employees.



We act humanely and with integrity to guarantee compliance with the highest professional standards. Sincerity, honesty, fairness and openness are fundamental principles of the IDEX Code of Conduct and prerequisites for fostering team spirit, trust and excellence. These principles apply to our interactions with colleagues, partners, customers and suppliers. The IDEX Ethics and Compliance Program is designed to help identify and avoid any violations and actively protect our values.


Our Region

It is important for us as a company to maintain good relationships – including those with the local region in which we live and work. Initiatives such as the IDEX Foundation promote the preservation and further development of our society. In addition, we support voluntary work and have a fundamentally philanthropic philosophy. RICHTER has partnerships with schools and universities that offer young people various opportunities to gain work experience. We are convinced that a good relationship with the local community opens up opportunities for young talent.


Our World

The global population is growing and so is the burden on the environment. Consequently, we must use the available resources in a more responsible and efficient way. Protecting the environment is crucially important. By consciously focusing on this issue during the design of our products, we aim to help achieve this goal and prevent any damage to the environment caused by the release of hazardous substances. The approach taken by RICHTER is dictated by the long-term impact of our decisions.